Creating from what already exists, we elevate waste through thoughtful, circular design practices that take into account the functionality, longevity and durability of the product we upcycle. Most of our products are one of a kind, designed and handcrafted with extensive thought, ideation, detailing and work going onto each of them. 

Pre & post consumer textile waste including (but not limited to) discarded/deadstock clothes and fabrics taken from fashion factories, boutiques, local retailers, households; pre & post consumer wood & household waste including old broken furniture, old broken objects, food packaging waste; single use plastic - we upcycle all of it with a focus on the overarching aesthetic of the product. 

Often morphing the simplest of ideas into the most creatives of outcomes, we are in essence an upcylcing platform repurposing all that is considered as 'waste' onto everyday living essentials.