Our approach to transparency reflects the honest, open working system and the detailed route we take towards ethical & responsible business practice where we have a responsibility towards our community, to tell them everything about the products we make. It helps every stakeholder understand the amount and depth of work that goes into making a product they're investing in.

As an upcycling company, we don’t buy fresh fabrics/raw materials. Instead, we source previously discarded fabrics/clothes/scraps of fashion factories, mills, boutiques and individuals across the country. We are working on partnering up with some Web 3.0 companies that can help trace the origin of all this discarded material. For now, read about our vendors and partners on #whomadeyourfabric

Our team is our brand. We feel it is important for you, as a consumer, to understand the minds of the different hands that make your unique product. Get to know our Team here.

We aim to further increase our levels of transparency. Our future plans include the assistance of Web 3.0 technology to show you the journey of your products. This includes the length process entailing where the initial fabric was taken from/ grown, to what went behind the conceptualization to the story of our darzi who finally stitched it together for you.