Darzi, translating to tailor in Urdu, is derived from the Persian root ‘Darzan’ which means ‘to sew’. Urban Darzi is an extension of this. 

We are an upcylcing platform navigating a circular economy through design thinking. Repurposing all things considered 'waste' through a steady framework of responsible design practices, onto everyday living products, we focus on smart design, circular & conscious consumption and on taking responsibility towards our culture, community & environment.

Based in Kanpur & New Delhi, India, we have our roots running deep in our design ideology, often using Jugaad as a philosophy to re-purpose all that we find laying in dumps. Advocating for extending the product lifecycle of things we own and longevity in design, we upcycle long forgotten clothes under our wardrobe management system where we encourage you to look inside your closet before you think of buying new.

Our core values enable us to re-imagine the fashion (and lifestyle) industry through a lens of symbiotic co-dependancy with our planet, our partners, our community and our team that makes for an ethical & responsible approach towards being. The fashion industry needs to be an inspiration for society in times of need, instead of being just another industry burdening the environment. With a push for building a circular economy and effectively re-purposing all the waste around us in an honest, responsible and transparent approach, we invite you on this journey together.