Championing the font of slow and sustainable fashion

Championing the font of slow and sustainable fashion

 For Homegrown by Riya Sharma | Dec 22, 2021 

In the race to stay up to date with the ever-changing trends and aesthetics, it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘trend’ bandwagon and end up with a temporarily stylish yet overall impractical wardrobe.

“Championing the font of slow and sustainable fashion is Homegrown brand Urban Darzi

The brand name quite literally translates to tailor in Urdu, and is is derived from the Persian root ‘darzan’ which means ‘to sew’. Urban Darzi is an artistic amalgam of functional aesthetics and steady repurposing one man’s waste to another man’s couture!”

Making cyclical fashion choices is the sign of a true fashion visionary, This is why it’s important to draw a spotlight on up and coming ethical labels who push the envelope of conscious consumerism.

Homegrown is a youth media company that does just this. Encouraging the youth to discover and be discovered, it is fast becoming one of the most influential publications in India, 

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