several patchwork The blob, an upcycled furniture piece made from old upholstery catalogues and textile scraps for Urban Monkey's space in Bandra, Urban Monkey Planet

Urban Monkey x Urban Darzi

The Blob. A unique, made-out-of-waste cozy sac created in collaboration with Urban Monkey® & cross-disciplinary design studio to grace Urban Monkey Planet in Bandra West, Mumbai. 

Urban Monkey Planet is described as ‘community studio space’ open to all and encourages the underground street community of India to come together to collaborate and explore. Urban Monkey’s key principle is to increase the representation of the underground street community in India and support local artists. The Blob is a perfect creation that adds to this creative space’s unorthodox values and aesthetics. 

The Blob’s fabric consists of several patchwork pieces from old upholstery catalogs and textile scraps which adds some extra comfort for the user sitting on it. To consciously complete the design, plastic waste and discarded amazon packaging were used to make the brand icons, thus staying true to our repurposing philosophy. 

Check out our collab here 


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