The Jungle Outfit

An old pant-shirt, upcyled using water soluble stabiliser on textile scraps.

The Reversible Scrap Jacket

A defective uniform jacket, repurposed into a reversible statement piece.

Upcycled Headgear

Reversible Bucket Hats.

Darzi, translating to tailor in Urdu, is derived from the Persian root ‘Darzan’ which means ‘to sew’. Urban Darzi is an extension of this.

We are an upcylcing platform, making everyday lifestyle products from all things considered 'waste'.

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Jun'22 | ETL Preview
A limited edition tote bag lineup, raising awareness on 9 select species labelled ‘Endangered’ by the WWF.
The Endangered Tote Lineup
The Endangered Tote Lineup
The Endangered Tote Lineup


  1. several patchwork The blob, an upcycled furniture piece made from old upholstery catalogues and textile scraps for Urban Monkey's space in Bandra, Urban Monkey Planet

    Urban Monkey x Urban Darzi

    A collaboration with Urban Monkey and Cross-Disciplinary Design Studio to create a cozy sac to grace Urban Monkey’s hidden store, Urban Monkey Planet in Bandra West, Mumbai. 
  2. A meet the team template where we show our current team and the work they do for Urban Darzi

    Celebrating our team

    A shoutout to all creatives, dreamers, artists who have helped shape us.
  3. Our chief 'darzi' or tailor pictured with his equipment in our upcycling design studio

    Meet Sateesh Kumar, Our Chief Darzi.

    A father of two, a master tailor & an upcycling wizard. Meet Sateesh Kumar, our chief darzi.

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